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Which works with hospitals and goals to bring humor of these centers.

This study has been selected by the American Association HumorLab as one of four major studies on an international level on a sense of humor in 2006.. Humor in hospitalsCarretero Dios is the president of the Spanish Cultural Association ‘Titiritas: Humor y Salud ‘ , which works with hospitals and goals to bring humor of these centers, this shortcut to more human and the influence of this humor in different parameters this association took the best non-profit youth organization. Awarded in the Andalusian region of the city of Granada.

The new technology can determine the structures of disease-related molecules including sugar chains, glycoproteins and metabolites, as well as the for the development of new drugs, the identification of disease mechanisms. Ads Hitachi.

This study, directed by researchers Cristino P rez? Mel ndez? and Gualberto Buela Casal , is the first plant in Spain be analyzed be analyzed in psychology in the measurement of people to a sense of humor, the psychological variables related to humor.But young people over their sexual experience but many of risks of.

Youth are on average 16 years and sober when they make their sexual debut in with a somebody they have known for a while. However, only half of only half of the sexual meetings by the new or casual partners, displays a large study of the sexual habits, attitudes and knowledge of young people, that University of Gothenburg on behalf of from the Swedish Institute for the Control of Communicable Diseases. – We must see to condoms to youth as the an essential part of sex, Ronny Heikki Tikkanen, one of the scientists behind the study said, 000 young people aged from 15 to 29 survey through Sweden. The fact that so many no using condoms although they know they offering either protection against sexual transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, how important it is to working on attitudes and behavior.

We also have the awareness of the link between sexual risks, drug and social marginalization. When we can come having supporting structures in the early stages, we will a better chance of promotion of sexual health, self-esteem and well-being. .. The survey clearly shows that those beginning sex early age and will as a rule inclined to, wellness also tend also more likely to take do with sex. It is also customary, acceptable to risk carriers payments for sex. The identifying on the study as the The exposed herself sexual risks of normally who HIV prevention initiative without having to discovered primarily affected their behavior.