Aug 07

Which occurs every two years.

AHF is critical of the President’s decision to sponsor a private meeting with choose attendees of the International AIDS Meeting instead of attending the meeting himself in person. ‘Where is the accountability?’ asked Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Base. ‘Beyond your spin area there remains $1.4 billion in unspent PEPFAR financing. The elected president provides taken the unprecedented stage of reducing global Helps funding by approximately $214 million. The decision to host a private meeting rather than attending the conference is merely off-monitor and doesn’t perform justice to the real men, women and children who are being affected by the President’s retreat on global AIDS in locations like Durban, South Africa.’ A recent article from a South African media outlet IOL News described the consequences on 4,000 HIV patients who are being transferred from McCord Hospital in Durban, South Africa following the U.S.