Sep 24

Until recently.

Until recently, all plants, animals and microorganisms of the common heritage of the common heritage of humanity. Foreign prospectors felt free to take biological resources from any country , and to develop drugs and other commercial products.

‘The current uncertainty about the whole issue of access to genetic resources and benefit sharing is detrimental to providers and users of resources by genetic. He added that ‘A is agreed lasting solution in the interests of all concerned, it is also a powerful tool to combat of poverty in poor countries equipped with enormous biological resources, it is for this reason that it will help the achievement of lasting peace and security and to the achievement common prosperity for the entire world. ‘.. The meeting in Spain is the second round of negotiations dealing with the international rules on access to genetic resources and benefit sharing. Delegates to the first talks in Bangkok in February of last year , identified and discussed a wide range of options for the scope and potential objectives of this global regime, including new concepts such as a certificate of origin and the disclosure of origin in applications of rights intellectual property.Resulted Jun – Ming Zhang, the manager of the Pain Research Center, UC led, believed little molecules called chemokines are important factors in development of pain. Family of small family of small cytokines – chemical messenger molecule be used through immune and nerve cells chronically there to communicate for communicating in order to communicate able to communicate with other cells. – with other cells.

A shadowy Rodent have the potential Light On Human Genetics and the secrets of evolution ShedPurdue research showed that the vole an mouse like mammal, not only to fastest growing mammals, but also harbors a variety of mysterious genetic characters that to challenge current scientific understanding. ‘Nobody Prints of voles on their wall did,’said J. Andrew DeWoody, associate professor of genetics in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, its degree appears this month in the journal Genetica. ‘But if it really matters, voles make greater attention. ‘.