May 28

This really was a hypothesis-generating experiment Salud y Prevención.

This really was a hypothesis-generating experiment, says Montell. The results of this study tell us where the future required a major effort. Understanding of the genetic mechanisms cell migration is critical for the understanding of the normal development and inflammation, as well as metastases Salud y Prevención . Classical genetic approaches for identifying key genes – mutational analysis, for example – have been successful but generally yield information about genes with unique functions only, and only one gene at a time. Whole-genome studies, such as microarray analysis used in this study, the researchers genes that have similar functions, in a way and metastasis. Mutation analysis. And, whole genome approach to see most of the genes in the genome at one time.

, because their functions are shared by other genes, and some that would have well understood for their roles in other cellular functions but without obvious candidate obvious candidate genes in cell migration have. The results help these researchers and others in the region by pointing out genes to study further.

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