May 01

The scientists report that they have discovered why a class of drugs called BRAF inhibitors.

The scientists of the research was published online in advance of the fifth this way andsue of Current Biology, published by Cell Press publishes. ‘This information can assist the development of more effective cancer drugs and to better inform the choice of the new combinations of drugs,’said John Hancock, the study’s senior author, Dunn Distinguished University Chair for in Physiology and Medicine, Chair of the Department of Integrative biology and pharmacology and interim director of the Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine for the Prevention of human Diseases at the UTHealth Medical School..

The not-so – the the doctors can not block from the first from the first protein called Ras. Researchers therefore in vivo What happens if BRAF inhibitor for human cancer tissue with Ras mutations are applied studied. Surprisingly, recent studies found that BRAF inhibitors do not block signaling in melanoma cells with Ras mutations in fact, drug drug actually the abnormal signaling activity of we work now describes the mechanism for this apparently paradoxical improved signaling activity, said Kwang-jin Cho, the study’s lead author and a researcher at the UTHealth Medical School.Some may say that prescription under the ,, pharma companies pharmaceutical companies get the donut , and which elderly people will have the hole in, Byron Dorgan (DN. The USA Today / Gallup Poll found in April that the voters on a 1.2 margin rather members of Congress who support which for the fiscal year 2003 Medicare bill voted in favor. Were CMS Admin Mark McClellan said most of the recipients decrease a drug habit costs about the the drug benefit, also added that a typical recipient not have have any donut hole (Wolf, USA Today.. 3400000 in Medicare Rx Coverage Would policy implications has in the congressional elections.

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