Jun 07

The safe blood supply was also the focus of SaBTO review.

Blood donor selection criteria and more stringent security measures put UK blood donations among the safest in the world. The safe blood supply was also the focus of SaBTO review, meaning that the majority of the latest scientific evidence proves that safety standards after the rule change completed maintained.

We will continue to a campaign to a level that gay men ‘s sexual health where the rules for all improve the same, regardless of sexuality can. .

We are pleased to welcome this rule change for gay men, we will continue to promote SaBTO, regularly also their restrictions on blood donation in the context of sexual behavior, including other gay men gay men. Especially since the epidemics to blood -borne viruses and develop scientific evidence changes and advances.. On evidence of improved testing and screening technologies , and also in relation to anti – discrimination, the rate NAT for a proactive, comprehensive and evidence-based to life called lift ban on gays donating men’s blood imposed.Announced The drugstore chain recently that the plans of so-called so-called ‘spit kit’be now that the now that the Food and Drug Administration a letter to Pathway asked whether the enterprise FDA clearance, – get the device to market.. Journalists, the recent announcement which Pathway Genomics, move that it is to sell sanitary genetic marker test consumers and the subsequent decision Walgreens upcoming sale of kit clarify their legal status are welcome Berman institutes experts Joan Scott or Gail Javitt to interview.

Javitt – previously right and politics director at GPPC and currently researcher the Institute Berman has become teaching on which Food and Drug Administration law Thread, well as genetics and legal. She also written extensively about direct-to – of Consumer Marketing of genetic tests and FDA requirements in biotechnology, and they has strong expertise into FDA regulating in vitro diagnostics and laboratory developed test.