Nov 16

The researchers report no conflicts of interest.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, by mid-century someone will develop Alzheimer’s every 33 seconds, and it will be nearly a million new cases each year. With the country an unprecedented economic challenges and a rapidly aging baby boomer population, now is the time to address the burgeoning Alzheimer crisis that cost triples in healthcare for Americans aged 65 years, said Harry Johns, Alzheimer Society CEO.. The researchers report no conflicts of interest.World Alzheimer’s Day: Leaders Call for Early Diagnosis+ Aggressive ResearchMore than 5.3 million Americans are Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer’s disease, and every 71 seconds someone in America develops the disease.

The researchers say, suggesting that the brains of blind individuals to account for the reduced volume in areas normally devoted to vision compensate. ‘ – In this case, vision – This study investigates the extraordinary plasticity of the brain and its ability to reorganize itself after a major input shows is lost,’said Lepor? ‘In other words, it seems that the brain tries to that a person that a person see see, and this is especially true for those who are blind plastic since early infancy, a developmental period in which the brain is much more. And modified than in adults is ‘.

Now scientists have of the UCLA Department of Neurology confirmed that blindness changes in the brain changes in the brain, suggesting that the brain can reorganize itself functionally to loss of to a loss of sensory input..And women were very similar.. Dr. Nicola Graham – Kevan from the University of Lancaster comparison the controlling behaviors of women and men perpetrators and victims of domestic abuse from new data in the UK, USA and Mozambique. – – Kevan said: We wanted to to find out if male use which control of behavior within a relations differently women This is essential as the current therapeutic approach in Britain due to the premiss that men using to control as is based means for. Assertive of male superiority via female. If women are use this controller behaviors in a manner similar at men be is undermining this approach. Of 1,442 Men and women domestic violence offenders reviews controlling behavior in the specimen in the United Kingdom and U.S.

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