Jan 12

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Dispatcher – assisted bystander CPR best choice for possible cardiac arrest SignsDispatchers should confidently give resuscitation instructions for viewers who suspect someone in cardiac arrest because the benefits of properly recommend CPR for someone who needs it clearly outweigh the risks recommendation of the CPR for someone who does not do that, the in Circulation: in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. ‘Early CPR results from cardiac arrest improves, receive only a modest proportion of the victims early CPR by viewers,’said author Thomas D prescription medication . Program Medical Director, King County Medic One, EMS Division, Washington, and Associate Professor of Medicine, Harborview Medical Center at the University of Washington. ‘We know that instructions instructions survival by increasing you early bystander CPR while the goal is to support dispatcher-assisted CPR hurting violate concerns about the potential for the CPR for people who are not experienced cardiac arrest can we stay have this study to determine the frequency of dispatcher-assisted CPR for patients cardiac arrest and and the frequency and severity of injuries associated with the CPR. ‘. Support from the National Institute on Aging and the Ellison Medical Foundation provided.

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