Sep 29

Male erectile system and the best treatment for it.

Keep the $ 600 million education of general practitioners under the National Health Service Corps and Title VII health professions programs, the fund is included in the House bill. – The U.S Is more than 16 family doctors primary care physicians to meet the needs of currently underserved areas of the country to meet, according to the Institute of Medicine, said Dr. Many more are needed as cover. Persons. Studies show that primary care is consistently associated with better outcomes and lower costs of care, but there is a growing shortage of family doctors. The Senate Finance unfortunately left the primary care of the bill.

Much is said about the male sexual organ. For men, the size and “good productivity” is almost an obsession. We will pay more attention to other features, but we will inevitably touch upon the above. A popular men’s magazine published a note on the “dark and intimate” male physiology. We will share with you the most interesting and original thoughts.  If you want to have strong erection, the best is to find the best drug for your organism as the treatment generic viagra

1. Smoking can reduce the penis by about a centimeter. It’s simple: the better the blood circulation, the better the erection. Cigarettes, narrowing the vessels, negatively affect the erection. This is another reason to convince him to stop smoking.
2. Do you know that the average male orgasm lasts 6 seconds, and female 23? In theory, it would be fair that in the course of every female orgasm, there would be 4 for a man. One of the few cases where one must fight for equality.
3. In order not to be illusive or upset in advance, we explain: there are two types of penises. The first – these are those that “grow” very much during an erection. Others are those that always look great, but during sex, the “increase” is much less than in the first case, and the difference between the size in a calm state, and during an erection is not so obvious.
4. As for the item above, according to the Men’s Health survey, “79% of men have the first type of penis, and 21% have a second type.”
5. Currently, doctors who regenerate the skin for transplantation for burns in patients, use the skin of the circumcised boys. So one circumcised foreskin can produce to regenerate 23,000 square meters of skin.
6. Enlarged prostate can cause both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. If this happens to your partner and there is no apparent reason for it, it is recommended that you visit a specialist and take tests. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that from the age of 50, verification should become mandatory at least once a year.
7. Cropped foreskin can be restored. The elastic skin on the penis is tightened, fixed, set in place with the help of plastic rings and other accessories. It can take years, but in the end there are no traces of circumcision. The question is, do you need so much suffering.
8. It is believed that only one person out of 400 is flexible enough to engage in oral sex without the help of a partner. And, of course, they tried to do it.
9. This will sound quite strange: a group of German researchers say that the average duration of penetration takes only 2 minutes and 50 seconds. However, women seem to perceive this time a little differently, and according to their feelings, the duration of sexual intercourse is on average 5 minutes and 30 seconds.
10. Men who seem beautiful have more productive sperm. The Spanish team of researchers showed a group of women photos of men with high levels of sperm productivity, photos of men with normal productivity, and photos of men with low sperm quality. Not knowing this information they had to choose at their discretion the most attractive. As a result, all they chose had a high level of sperm productivity.