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Afghanistan and Iraq Consumer: New Bandage stops bleeding quicklyA new high-performance bandage used for the same blood – stopping technology the U.S. Army lives lives on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, now is the public. When applied in direct contact with blood and pressure, does the bandage KytoStat what traditional bandages do not – stops stubborn bleeding while sealing and protecting the wound. The new association offers peace and a new choice in wound care to millions on blood-thinning medications and those who work and play in extreme environments. – The KytoStat bandage a big step forward for consumers bleeding bleeding fast or risk of further complications need, said John W. HemCon president and CEO. Because many people buy products online, nationwide availability of KytoStat bandage by drugstore.com KytoStat provide easy access to for millions of consumers.Enterprise Health Information Exchanges health care systems, physicians and other vendors sure helps share health care information for better coordination between care, is proud of junctions power and improved patient – provider communication. The ultimate destination is to provide patients and Medical access the right health records the right time and right place.

Relay Health is proud to one of the industry ‘s top enterprise HIE offering solutions and to help our customers reach its healthcare information sharing objectives, whether clinical and business nature.

Well embedded hotels in Baton Rouge General Medical Center selects Enterprise Health Information Exchanges Relay Health[ Tenderness Info ].. Baton Rouge General be to the the most important clinical interest and IT pensively examined how workflows can the technology, the opposite to the contrary, said Edgardo Tenreiro, Baton Rouge General ‘s Chief Operating Officer. Relay Health ‘s Enterprise JM offers physicians and personnel well-integrated workflows facilitate the secure sharing of health care info.

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