Aug 22

The cumulative incidence of ischemic stroke increased.

Ischemic stroke was developed in 11 percent of participants when compared with nonfasting triglycerides increases, the cumulative incidence of ischemic stroke increased. Years, with in comparison with men with nonfasting triglycerides of less than 89 mg / dL:.

Men had with levels 89 to 176 mg / dl a 30 percent increased risk of ischemic stroke; Men with levels from 177 to 265 mg / dL had a 60 percent increased risk, men with levels 266 to 353 mg / dL had a 50 percent higher risk, levels of levels 354 to 442 mg / dL, a 120 percent increased risk, men with levels greater than 443 mg / dL had a 15 percent increased risk.

Nonfasting triglycerides and risk of ischemic stroke in the general populationJacob J. Freiberg, MD, Anne Tybj rg – Hansen, Jan Skov Jensen, DMSc; B rge G. Nordestgaard, DMSc JAMA. 2008, 300 :2142 – 2152nd.The results , which were published in the August issue of rechargeable laryngoscope in that frequent ear infections plaguing white children and children life below poverty line greater than children of others race and ethnic backrounds or revenue.

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