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Students in dormitories are the perfect study population because they eat.

Students in dormitories are the perfect study population because they eat, sleep and work in such close confines, said Allison Aiello, assistant professor in the UM School of Public Health and co-principal investigator of the study along with Dr. Arnold Monto, a professor at the School of Public Health. The results will be used to help shape policy response in the event of a flu pandemic. ‘If we know that people wearing their masks, and if we, that they know proper hand hygiene practices, then we know that a response to a pandemic on on masks and hand hygiene will be more effective, ‘Aiello said. ‘We have the information but have first to answer policy on assumptions as a basis to avoid to avoid extensive research developed ‘.

The trial is a partnership between the UM School of Public Health, University Housing, and the University Health Services.For more information be found at: be found at:The University of Michigan School of Public Health has been working to promote health and prevent disease since 1941 and is constantly in the top five public health schools in the nation ranks. Faculty and students in the school five academic departments and dozens of collaborative centers and initiatives forging new solutions to the complex health challenges of today, including chronic disease, health care quality and finance, emerging genetic engineering, climate change, socioeconomic inequalities and their impact health, infectious disease, and the globalization of health.Each year, assist the fight against tuberculosis: UK Government AnnouncementGlobal efforts to tuberculosis gathered momentum if the government of the United Kingdom announced generous financing the Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation.S. A $ 13 million) is a significant signal of support for Aeras in its mission TB vaccines. TB vaccines.

The currently available vaccine against tuberculosis – Bacille Calmette – Gu bovine – do not reliable protection against adult tuberculosis, the most prevalent form of the disease. .. With support for governments and foundations Aeras working to academia, industry, foundations and governments, Last candidate candidates and delivery systems, manufacturing to create vaccines at low cost and intellectual property rights for its future their future the availability and affordability.

Tuberculosis be the second leading cause infectious disease caused by the HIV / AIDS. In Africa, tuberculosis is the leading killer of human live by HIV. Each year, more than nine by with TB of. The growth of resistant forms of tuberculosis and co-infection with HIV have eliminated the degree of urgency of order efforts control and ultimately, the illness increase.