Feb 13

Some people are convinced that they do.

In what quantitiessions from laser printersDo laser printers emit pathogenic toner particles into the air? Some people are convinced that they do. Thus of this issue is the subject of a public controversy. Researchers have now investigated what particles the printers really release into the air.

The results are surprising: Contrary to numerous reports, laser printers have almost no toner particles into the air. ‘But what some printers do emit are ultra – fine particles of volatile organic – chemical substances,’says WKI head of department Prof. Tunga Salthammer. ‘An important feature of these ultra-fine particles is their volatility, which means we are not looking at toner dust. Depending on So where do So where do these ultra-fine particles come from and how can explain their emergence the answer the answer, the scientists have a process to identify them and compare the quantity, size and chemical composition of the emitted particles allows developed.By Dr. Hambleton said it is critical of a national preventative health care strategy is the proper predictive supports location of doctors and primarily on the implementation of effective, evidence-based prevention actions, as. Please enclose a link to article published in the online.

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