May 19

Sangeeta Mehta.

Interventions Enrolled sufferers were randomly designated to the permissive-underfeeding group or the standard-feeding group by using opaque, sealed, sequentially numbered envelopes. The randomization list was computer-generated. Randomization was performed in random permuted blocks and was stratified according to center. The feeding strategy was unblinded due to the need for adjustment of the nutritional support in accordance to feeding tolerance and gastric residual volumes.26-28 The caloric goal was 40 to 60 percent of caloric requirements in the permissive-underfeeding group and 70 to 100 percent of caloric requirements in the standard-feeding group.The European Medications Agency previously granted Orphan Drug designation for the company’s RPE cell product for use in treating SMD. We are pleased that the Moorfields Attention Hospital in London has agreed to participate as a niche site for this study as we continue to assess the capabilities of hESC-derived RPE cells to correct the retina and decrease the impact of the devastating eye diseases. We lately announced the dosing of the initial patients in our Phase 1/2 scientific trials for Stargardt’s macular dystrophy and dry age-related macular degeneration with hESC-derived RPE cells in the U.S., and both patients successfully underwent the outpatient transplantation surgeries. Clearance from the MHRA to begin an SMD trial in the U.K.