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Sleep efficiency is usually a gauge of sleep quality that compares the quantity of actual sleep time with the total time spent during intercourse. While other studies have pointed to links between sleep and general academic performance, the Montreal researchers examined the impact of rest quality on report-cards grades in specific topics. The upshot: with better sleep efficiency, the kids did better in math and languages – but grades in science and artwork weren't affected. An interview with Professor Kevin Fox We believe that executive functions underlie the influence of sleep on educational performance, and these abilities are more critical in languages and math than in other subjects, says Reut Gruber, a clinical child psychologist who led the study.On 10 June, 2011, Accuray finished the acquisition of TomoTherapy. As a total result, the first quarter financial data presented reflect the consolidation of both TomoTherapy and Accuray.5 million and non-GAAP total revenue of $95.7 million. By comparison, september 30 for the quarter finished, 2010 the sum of the revenue reported by Accuray and TomoTherapy as split companies if combined totaled $81.7 million. Revenue in the first one fourth of fiscal 2012 was driven by strong TomoTherapy Program installations.