Feb 06

S central hub checks the data and sends a confirmation to the ground in real time.

PAREXEL has the temperature control by providing data for central analysis simplifies immediately after arrival of the drug in the study testing center. Employees on site reads RFID tag information and transmits the data to the central hub server via mobile phone. ‘s central hub checks the data and sends a confirmation to the ground in real time. If the temperature in the area during transit, the study medication be released immediately within randomization and trial Supply management use technology. The packaging container can be used to monitor drug both in transit and on site.

The annual symposium, said Dr. Aims to raise awareness of how the liver cancer problem is widespread increase – and also stress the need to develop new therapies to fight against this deadly disease, such as Y-90 microsphere SIRT.

Y-90 microsphere therapy is a novel approach for the treatment of liver cancer by selectively targeting tumors with very short range radiation, while sparing the much needed healthy liver tissue.Low levels of vitamin D status may be pain in women pain in women, suggests research published ahead of print the annals the Rheumatic Diseases.

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