Mar 24

Richard Pollak.

Cardiac disorders and infections were the most typical types of critical adverse events in both groups . Immunogenicity HAI antibody geometric mean titers and seroprotection rates 28 days after vaccination were significantly higher after vaccination with IIV3-HD than with IIV3-SD for all three vaccine strains . Discussion A few randomized, controlled trials have shown moderate efficacy of influenza vaccines among older adults.5,7,12 However, given the persistently high burden of influenza in this human population despite increased vaccination rates,17 improved vaccines are needed.18,19 Some ways of improve influenza vaccines for older adults involve higher doses of antigen or the usage of adjuvants,20-23 and also alternative delivery systems.24 This randomized, double-blind, active-controlled efficacy trial showed that IIV3-HD provided improved protection against laboratory-confirmed influenza illness among adults 65 years or older.Today Senate, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medication expressed its strong concerns about the result of proposed funding cuts to the National Institute for Occupational Security and Wellness – which ACOEM says will devastate the nation’s supply of new doctors trained to treat injured and ill employees. Proposed funding cuts in President Obama’s 2010 budget would eliminate funding for 17 Education and Research Centers sponsored by NIOSH. Regarding to ACOEM, these centers create the vast majority of new occupational medicine physicians in the usa – by some estimates as much as three quarters of new graduates.