Dec 15

Revolutionary Carivis caries assessment is based on Glowdent.

Along with its ongoing cooperation with the Center for Clinical Innovation at the University of Dundee, LUX DS will work on the dental industry for the outstanding capabilities of Glowdent from the hospital and dental research laboratories apply on the home diagnostics market. Become an increasing problem in the western world, especially in children ‘This award is a direct recognition of the pioneering work we are on the development of new tools in the implementation of preventive dentistry,’said LUX Innovate Ltd CEO, Artin Moussavi. ‘Caries still affects more than 80 percent of the population and current detection require technologies for locating cavities fillings. Other hand, the Carivis system focuses on assessment of caries activity to cope with the disease by dentists the unprecedented ability early in welcome to see stage and offer preventive solutions for patients.

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The center has excellent relations with a number of multinational players in the oral health / health care industries, as well as with smaller companies and with staff in other universities?.At the ragor Oh wybodaeth cysylltwch a: For further information please contact: Joan Fehrbellin 02920 898401.. The Minister confirms that Dr. Christoph Overton was true that is cutbacks on going hospital. Overton the patient is in first and be therefore be used again. A: Minister of Health at it, looking urgently in this matter. We need an analysis of the problems at this hospital. It is apparent employee to feel strongly via this role, and you have every their interests their concerns.

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