Jul 18

Reported in ACS Chemical substance Biology www.suomi-info.net.

ACS Chemical Biology report supports zebrafish for drug development By combining the various tools of medicinal zebrafish and chemistry biology, a group of Vanderbilt investigators has identified compounds that might offer therapeutic potential clients for bone-related tumor and diseases www.suomi-info.net . The results, reported in ACS Chemical substance Biology, support using zebrafish as a novel system for drug development. In 2007, Charles Hong, M.D., Ph.D., and co-workers described using seafood embryos to display for compounds that hinder signaling pathways involved with early development – pathways known to play roles in a number of disease procedures.

They range between Jan. 1 – which in 1907 noticed debut of the Chemical Abstracts Provider, a chemical database that has fostered unprecedented scientific discovery – to Dec. 31 and a scientific laws about those New Year’s toasts with champagne. A mouse-click on the days in-between revisits Joseph Priestley’s discovery of oxygen; the first effective treatment of diabetes with insulin; George Washington Carver’s discovery of hundreds of brand-new uses for crops like peanuts; Marie Curie’s landmark research on radioactivity; and much more. IYC-365:Chemistry forever certainly doesn’t neglect the fun and fanciful side of chemistry. The calendar highlights the debut Silly Putty, for example, the invention of quick mashed potatoes, and the chemistry of hand warmers.