Jun 27

Report researchers at the University of California.

About the Blood Pressure Raise Stroke RiskPeople with prehypertension have a 55 % higher risk for a future stroke than people without prehypertension, report researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, a new meta – analysis of the scientific literature published in the September 28 online issue of the journal Neurology published.

The bill, which the House of Representatives and the Senate last week by voice vote, by by three months, two federal programs low-income low-income U.S. Citizens health insurance health insurance and a federal abstinence education program, in addition would have expired on 30 September.‘.. The documents are the first lessons which out of the to nurse Study. The Sister degree can only financial statements of enrollment of 50,000 females age 35-74 at a prospective analyze risk factor for breast. ‘We expect plenty of information to get out of to the Sister Study,’said Dale Sandler, head of the epidemiological branch of NIEHS and principal investigator of the nurse Study. ‘Not only did we discover longer I hope about for Environment and genetic factors which could cause breast cancer, we will experience also more about how the factors such as stress, ‘ may affect cancer and other disease risks of.

In general, report the researchers that women are notified in which nurse Study is generally lower perceived stress. – ‘Yet, women who about average exposure reporting little shorter telomeres , but the difference in telomere length were very noticeable when we saw the relationship between perceived stress and the length of telomeres in women at the highest echelons release of stress hormones, said Christine farms, in these womenemiologist and head writer of the paper. ‘Among the women both higher perceived stress and elevated the stress hormone epinephrine, difference in telomere length were equal to or higher a the impact of of obesity, smoking, or 10 years older. ‘.

Researchers also found to effects of stress may be more among older women.