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Related StoriesArticle explores viewpoints on part of gentle cognitive impairment in Parkinson&39.

* Obeso JA, et al. The evolution and origin of motor complications in Parkinson’s disease. Neurology. 2000;55 :S13-S20.. Addex Parkinson’s product progressing in early clinical trials Addex Pharmaceuticals offers announced that it offers completed the first component of a two-part Phase I clinical trial to evaluate the newly developed modified release formulation of ADX48621. ADX48621 is scheduled to start a Stage IIa proof concept study for the treatment of levodopa connected dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease through the initial half of 2009. Chief Medical Officer Charlotte Keywood stated: we are pleased by the progress of ADX48621 and so are preparing to start the Stage IIa proof of concept trial to study its utility in Parkinson’s disease dyskinesia next calendar year. Related StoriesArticle explores viewpoints on part of gentle cognitive impairment in Parkinson's diseaseDopamine transmitting mediated by D1 receptors needed for controlling motions in Parkinson's diseaseResearchers perform initial focused ultrasound treatments in the U.S.2.Don't prescribe opioid analgesics as long-term therapy to take care of chronic non-cancer pain before risks are considered and discussed with the individual. Patients should be educated of the risks of such treatment, like the potential for addiction. Physicians and patients should review and indication a written agreement that identifies the obligations of each party and the consequences of non-compliance with the agreement. Physicians should be cautious in co-prescribing opioids and benzodiazepines. Physicians should evaluate and treat proactively, if indicated, the universal side effects of constipation and low testosterone or estrogen almost. 3.Avoid imaging studies for acute low-back again pain without particular indications.