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Receptors for prolactin information.

Receptors for prolactin, have shown that promote breast cancer cell growth, survival and differentiation, Rui by pathways that is with an activation of such proteins as Stat5 and Stat3 toactivate Actual prolactin also known that as an oncogene in cancer cells growth and survival has been brought involved information . In the current study, when Jak1 protein expression was interrupted experimentally in breast cancer cells, prolactin signaling through Stat3 and ERK was completely blocked. Signaling through Stat5 and Akt was reduced but still present. – Until now, prolactin was believed that only through Jak2 signals convey its effects, Lynn Neilson, a postdoctoral researcher of of Cancer Biology at Jefferson Medical College and first author of the study. The unexpected finding that prolactin also activates Jak1 in breast cancer to a mechanism in cancer cells, which further promotes the growth of tumor cells. .

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