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PTV has produced news and presented by Paul Wikia Mr.

PTV has produced news and presented by Paul Wikia Mr. Wikia worked as a broadcast television journalist for 25 years, for general news, business and politics, he was both presenter and producer in several news channels, including the major British television news company ITN. ITN He joined Pharma Television as Executive Producer earlier this year and was responsible for getting PTV News launched Mr. Wikia said. It was an exciting project in which to organize everything from commissioning a fantastic news gathering news gathering operation, we have a lot of interest from the industry and seen an excellent pool of top commentators from around the world for.

On Mondayealth of children in crisis, UKhas reached kids dietary health in Britain critical point, after a group of deputies. – More than 100 MPs have a Commons motion calling on the government to secure the fight ‘alarming’of childhood obesity. It cited the ‘lack of practical cooking skills ‘in the national curriculum and ‘inadequate support for children of healthy food ‘as two of the causes of the problem – .

On Monday, the Food Standards Agency launched a massive public health campaign to high salt consumption in the UK, working with the food industry, including reduce the amount of salt in food cut. The government drive to improve school lunches and healthier options like salads and fruit is also part of their efforts to the health of children – .A multi-agency partnership of 40.000 and landslides. UNICEF, Save the Children Australia and NGO partners, mobilization of Child Protection Team to recovery children in the districts affected by the floods can be done. These Aquatic centers be offer children a safe location playing, while your families in collect relief. These teams will be well identify and report questions are of protection to the appropriate authorities.

In Nepal After the in Nepal Red Cross Society and humans have died and round 580,200 people be the monsoons the monsoon floods and landslides.

PakistanIn Pakistan, about 2.5 human in provinces Balochistan and Sindhi have been concerned by torrential rain by Hurricane Yemyin followed floods of later June and early July provoked. Decreased Whereas the water levels in most fields areas areas from three districts be still under water. To date, there were 420 dead and more than 377,000 people is still not been returning at its damaged homes. Of the drop in breast cancer incidence Hat mean articles, was use hormonal replacement therapy?.