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People with hearing loss can also occur problems with cognitive functioning.

The differences between the two groups may indicate that the resources that would otherwise be available for higher-level understanding or encoding of information in the memory available by the hearing impaired in an effort to hear exactly struck the researchers has been made.. People with hearing loss can also occur problems with cognitive functioning. Work by researchers at Brandeis University suggests that memory performance in people with hearing loss may required by the be impaired be impaired hearing. In a study comparing a group of elderly people with mild to moderate hearing loss to a similar group without hearing loss, participants were read a list of 15 words and instructed to remember only the last three words.

‘When the senses are limited, everything is affected, including the interaction with the environment, relationships, activities, and feelings of self-worth. Impairment can lead to depression, social isolation and many other problems. ‘.

Consider supplements. Ask your doctor about taking supplements. In addition to the vitamins and minerals mentioned above, amendments have been thought blueberry , might help to protect eyesight Consider and vinpocetine may help prevent or alleviate hearing problems. There are basic steps that can be taken can people who can cope with the existing impairment of hearing and vision. ‘Do you recognize the fact that you or a loved one may need help,’advises Dr. ‘Try to accept help from others, and take advantage of devices such as magnifying glasses and hearing aids, help the independence may.3 Swayne GB will be published of on be.

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