Jul 28

Particularly in those states in which may include penalties for drug users.

‘Rao comments came as McMullan announced an additional 640,000 Australian dollars, or about $ 470th for non-governmental organizations working in Asia (Corben, AAP / Sydney Morning Herald.. Rao said that Australia has called on Asian countries to increase harm reduction programs and examine current drug laws, particularly in those states in which may include penalties for drug users, the death penalty. :: ‘Australia is a good model for harm reduction programs and also for looking at drug laws and modernizing them in fact, quite a few countries in Asia have learned their harm reduction strategies in good examples from Australia.

Australia Harm Reduction Strategies serve as a model for others countries, says UNAIDS OfficialThe Australian government other in their efforts to stop the spread of HIV through serving curb for harm reduction initiatives such as needle – exchange programs and drug substitution therapy for injecting drug users as a model for countries in the region, UNAIDS Asia Pacific Director Prasada Rao said recently, the AAP / Sydney Morning Herald reported..Bulk learner out that these that these cells are to hold great long-term medical potential: The fact that these cells are multipotent dramatically reduced the risk of neoplasm, meaning that at the not so distant future they be used could be mean to regenerate damaged fabrics or destroyed by disease or age of, till at this time we have substantial research effort be made to date, insight into experiments are based having mouse skin cell;. Perform the next steps are the same experiments using true human cells. Is essential that the stem cell long-term behavior retaining their thereby determine whether they retain their stability over extended periods. We should realize assist this to be our chance, change our medical future is crucial.

Considering the real external stimuli be pluripotent stem cells to differentiate to any type of cell in the body but also stops its pluripotent certain disadvantages is precluded in the medicine. According bulk? pluripotential stem cells point such an high plasticity that may, under the wrong circumstances to form, instead of regenerate a tumors of tissue or organ. Circuits errors of the somatic stem cell provide a way to this dilemma: They are ‘just ‘multipotent, which means that she not be every cell type, but only to a the selected subset of them does – in that case was a type of cell in the nervous system – a property which edges edge in relation to their therapeutic potential.. Certain drawbacks cells from skin cell the first time on Receive.

? Stem cell researcher Hans Sch? Ler and his team are skin cells of mice and with a unique combination of growth factors while adequate cultivation conditions , have managed to get inducing of the cells distinction to neuronal somatic stem cell.