Jul 11

Or almost 7 million.

By conducting a search of medical databases, reference lists and unpublished data, the team was able to compare haemoglobin concentrations based on the intensity of hookworm disease among the ladies studied. They estimated that 37.7 million women of reproductive age, and 6.9 million women that are pregnant in sub-Saharan Africa – between a quarter and a third of the full total – had been infected with hookworm in 2005, and were therefore vulnerable to anaemia.A campaign called offers raised $170 million since 2006 by partnering with businesses that provide the Global Fund a share of revenue from the sale of computer systems, mobile phones, baby strollers and other products.

Advocacy, commitment, investment needed to continue HIV/AIDS response Some users of Congress are advocating deep cuts to financing for domestic programs such as for example [the Ryan White CARE Act] and international applications such as the Global Fund [to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria] and PEPFAR, but [w]hat these critics fail to realize is that though we have won a multitude of battles, we remain losing the war in many communities, Rep.