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Notes: Along with Lane and Schnitzer ed drug cost comparison.

Notes: Along with Lane and Schnitzer, other authors of the study were Charles A. Birbara of University of Massachusetts School of Medicine, today Masoud Mokhtarani the Bay Biopharma Development LLC, Hyperion Therapeutics, David L ed drug cost comparison . Shelton of Rinat Neurosciences Corporation and Mike D. Smith and Mark T. Both Pfizer Inc. By by Rinat Neuroscience Corporation, now a subsidiary of Pfizer Inc. Lane receives consulting fees from Pfizer Inc, Zosano – Pharma, UCB Pharma and Eli Lily leads, clinical research for Proctor and Gamble, Pfizer and NordicBiosciences / Novartis and is the spokesperson for office Eli Lily, Roche / GSK, Novartis and Genentech.

After Lane, reporting of apparent problems with the experimental drug is exemplary. With transparent communication between the authors of the study, the FDA and the pharmaceutical company This is, to be conducted as drug development, she said. As with any potentially great new drug, you expect challenges, but the important thing is to carry out investigations in a responsible and open manner. .

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