Oct 19

Not exactly politically correct participants in Todds study might verbally agree click to follow.

! Not exactly politically correct participants in Todd’s study might verbally agree, though their actions say something else click to follow .to compare The study used a speed-dating session in Germany, which people say they want in with whom they with whom they actually choose. Speed dating to meet an increasingly popular way for singles, includes sessions in which men and women have numerous mini dates with up to 30 different people, each date lasting anywhere from three to five minutes. Following each time checked the men and women of a box on a card noting whether they would like to see the other person again. Describe Todd speed dating speed dating events as microcosm speed dating where decisions in into faster and more formalized fashion than in daily life. .

While the study results came as no surprise ,, the research usefulness of the speed-dating forum Todd and colleagues run several other speed-dating studies that could confirm the results. It only covers the first stage of the extended process of long-term mate choice involved. But the initial expression of interest is critical to start anything. .

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