May 11

NJPIES offers the following advice about prescription drugs:?

NJPIES offers the following advice about prescription drugs:? – Take this medication exactly as prescribed. – Do not share prescription drugs. – Take an inventory. Do you know what is there and when it expires. – Clean your medicine regularly. Dispose unused unused, unwanted and expired medications. – Consider your medicine. This keeps potential hazards out of the hands of children and youth, including babysitters or family friends. Of prescription drugs.en about the dangers of drug abuse.

New Jersey, where shows state data from NJPIES that venom reported incidents with prescription and OTC drugs of all reported of all reported exposures in 2000 to 47.7 % in 2008.

Is a good time, not use, expired drugs disposalIf your household is like most in America, you could be unwittingly contributing to accidental poisonings, overdose and drug abuse simply by keeping unused, outdated or expired pharmaceuticals in your medicine cabinet. That’s why the New Jersey Poison Information & Education System recommends regular medicine cabinet clean outs -. The changes of the season, and the times of year when you reset your clocks, also are good times to clean your medicine cabinet after NJPIES. – ‘Even if under the under the Controlled Substance Act , prescriptions are, by definition, controlled substances,’said Steven Marcus, executive and medical director of NJPIES.Hologic has been dedicated for the prevention of cervical cancer through screening since the imposition of the ThinPrep Pap in 1996. With approval by the Company Cervista HTA system of has Hologic a comprehensive cervical solution products, including the for all laboratory customer.

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