Mar 05

Loneliness and the lack of independence are important questions to many old people.

But many are not aware of the benefits of do not, how to use and engage with digital technologies or simply do not feel confident enough to use it. As one person said, health.computer is in cobwebs. Improving life: always on public services speak elderly people about their personal experiences with digital technologies and their applications, and how it helped them less isolated and independent. IT taster courses will offered for the elderly explore new technologies encourage them to explore new technologies and local service providers will demonstrate how their services can be accessed and ordered online.

Technology improvement and a positive attitude to the elderly LivesThe population of the UK is aging. Sixteen % of the British population is 65 or older, and for the first time there are more people over the age of 65, as it. Under the age of 18 years This raises a lot of questions on topics such as retirement plans, health and wellbeing. Ensure that older medical and social support medical and social support, to remain the use of new technologies to make it easier for them to live an independent life, and the elderly company society. These are questions during the Economic and Social Research Council Festival of Social Science discussed.IPF kids study , which is presented in the January edition of the journal Chest with our colleagues with colleagues out of the University of California Francisco and nation Jewish Medical Center in Denver, Colorado, will co-author of lung scarring. Since disease progresses, airbags of the lungs are replace fibrotic cicatricial tissue. Lung tissue thick where the scarring forms, which contribute to irreversible loss the fabric to capability oxygen in the blood stream.

– ‘can be A measure of of cell types in the lungs of patients with IPF the time of the diagnostics allows us to to determine the risk of death at the next few years,’says Brent kids, assistant professor of medicine at UC College of Science and pneumologist by UC Physicians. ‘This even takes into account other known measures of disease severity such as age, whether or the patient smoke and how well its pulmonary functional while breathing tests,’he adds..