Jul 27

Lisa Doggett.

Lisa Doggett, New York Times: the Medicare Prescription drug benefit has ‘serious deficiencies ‘ – as a provision, the federal government the federal government can not negotiate discounts directly with pharmaceutical companies on drugs – but recipients receive ‘a variety of savings ‘by ‘asking the right questions and comparing plans,’Doggett, a family physician, writes in a Times commentary. After Doggett, ‘Choosing a plan is an overwhelming and tedious task,’but ‘it’s worth to take the time to understand the options and investigate possible savings. ‘She writes that Medicare beneficiaries should compare the prescription drug formularies for the ‘best’few available plans and discuss these options with their doctor or pharmacist before making a selection.

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Editorial, Opinion Pieces Address New Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit, USAAn editorial and two opinion pieces recently published the new Medicare Prescription Drug benefit investigated. Summaries appear below. Burlington Free Press: In response to the confusion over the implementation of the new Medicare Prescription Drug benefit in the past week, Congress no-brainer no-brainer legislation, of of extend until extend until the end of 2006 would be the deadline for enrolling beneficiaries into the program and would beneficiaries beneficiaries to prescription drugs once during this period without penalty, a free press editorials.The study appears online on 18th May in advance of print publication in the June issue of of Journal of Clinical Investigation.

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