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Like Acuson P10.

The device, like Acuson P10, is a hand-held device for complementary initial diagnostic care and screening, particularly in the areas provided cardiology, emergency medicine and obstetrics. It is ready to physical examination physical examination by an immediate information to health care providers at the earliest possible patient approaches, such as intensive care units, ambulances and medical helicopters. The advantages of the system are its portability, ease of use and fast and consistent availability to the physician. The device is barely larger than a Blackberry and weighs just over 700 grams.. Hand-held deviceworld ‘s smallest ultrasound device for the initial diagnosis in emergencyThe first few minutes are crucial in emergency situations.

For the treatment of dry eye syndrome This ocular surface irritation affects millions of men and women. EGP-437 is a dexamethasone derived corticosteroid custom formulated for delivery using the EyeGate I Delivery System.. EyeGate Pharma Initiates alluvion phase III study of EGP-437 in patients with sicca syndromeEyeGate Pharma, a privately held venture-backed pharmaceutical company developing a non-invasive ocular drug delivery platform and ocular therapeutics, announces that the company has begun enrolling patients in the alluvion model delivered) phase III trial with its lead product, EGP 437.‘Penn researcher physicians about their physicians about their The use of two medicines potentially dangerous interactions. The blood of thin warfarin and one antibiotic, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole ‘. The EMR blocked combinations for half of the subjects and allow them to others.

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