Sep 14

Law enforcement arrested Edsel Bradford.

A 90-year-old man resorted to bribery and harassment to get his hands on hydrocodone at a Walmart pharmacy in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Law enforcement arrested Edsel Bradford, on September 7 who was simply found screaming and cursing at pharmacy employees and customers at Walmart, 2015, according to The Chattanoogan. Bradford was aggressive with police also, tried to push past officers when confronted, and struggled when he was used into custody sildenafil . Walmart staff members informed The Chattanoogan that Bradford offered the pharmacist $100 in exchange for 10 hydrocodone tablets without a prescription. When the pharmacist said no, Bradford allegedly made threats to get a gun and shoot people until he got the pills. Still unsuccessful with the pharmacist, Bradford then tried in vain to buy pills from other Walmart customers.

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