Jun 07

Jayant Patel has been discharged from her duties in a latest development.

On the 3rd day another man juror stepped down citing his reasons in a note to the judge the contents of which were not revealed. These three discharged jurors have been replaced by those in the panel that was setup last Monday. With this only 1 juror remains in reserve. Dr. Patel, 59, is the former Director of Surgery at the Bundaberg Base Medical center stands accused of manslaughter of Mervyn John Morris , James Edward Phillips and Geradus Wihelmus Gosewinus Kemps and leading to grievous bodily injury to Ian Rodney Vowles . He provides pleaded not liable to these charges. The legal debate provides been adjourned until Tuesday with the sixth day passing without any new evidence relating to the case. This decision was produced after intense discussions among lawyers to be able to resolve some legal issues..Why, Wachter asks, perform we do nothing very similar in health care? In a moving passage, Wachter speaks with a famous surgeon who once spent his evenings before surgery reading his notes on the next day’s patients. No longer. His notes have already been rendered uselessly homogeneous by the tyranny of clicks and auto-populated fields. I can’t even picture their faces. The blanks on our displays could be filled with phrases, but the procedure of understanding can’t be auto-populated.