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It is estimated that over 33 million people HIV HIV.

It is estimated that over 33 million people HIV HIV. In 2008, there were 2.7 million new infections and 2 million deaths. Although there are several anti-HIV drugs on the market, it remains important new drugs that are well tolerated, safe and easy to manage, especially if they are preferably directed against novel targets, because HIV is increasingly developing current treatments current treatments.

HIV without cross-resistance with existing anti-HIV drugs.. July 2013 sheniversiteit Leuven enters into license agreement with Pfizer for the development of new anti-HIV DrugsKatholieke Universiteit Leuven announced today that on 29 July 2013, it entered into a licensing agreement with Pfizer. The license agreement grants Pfizer exclusive and sub-licensable worldwide rights to develop and commercialize the KULeuven compounds with a new mechanism of action for the potential treatment of patients with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS infects. The compounds, called ledgins been shown the the interaction between the viral integrase and the cellular protein LEDGF/p75 and form the basis for a new class of drugs.Dollars in 2008, ‘after a joint report by was published Sunday on the Kaiser Family Foundation and UNAIDS, Radio France International notes. For six consecutive years. ‘For six consecutive years from twin – digit increases in 2002, funds for the anti -HIV drugs and other initiatives was only 1.2 billion,’according to to the news agency service.. ‘During HIV epidemics in Western Europe is, with some exceptions, usually stabilized in many countries of in Eastern Europe furious rage of control,’Andrew Ball the WHO HIV / AIDS section Saids, address AIDS 2013 include, according to Reuters ‘the increase of HIV infections in Europe is now is the largest in the the world. Article also This article comments of Ambassador Eric Goosby, U.S. Global AIDS coordinators, said Obama by campaigners by activists charge to note that the United States being the largest donor to combat HIV / AIDS ‘, and former U.S.

The number of cases communicated annual is now be fairly stable of Western Europe in about 20,000 annually but takes around 80,000 annually in the East .. The article provides supplementary comments of Christoph Benn of the Global Fund against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria a financial transaction tax a financial transaction tax no replaced the country aid promises stresses.

The article examines factors such for promoting the spread of the virus that multiple injecting drug users , and represents the number of HIV-positive patients giving access to AIDS drugs Eastern Europe in comparison to Western Europe.