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In the first test subjects were shown the faces of 30 famous people such as Albert Einstein.

A person’s name provides direct access to semantic memory because it is invariant, in contrast to visual stimuli.. In the first test subjects were shown the faces of 30 famous people such as Albert Einstein, C line Dion, Catherine Deneuve, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Wayne Gretzky? They were first asked to name these famous faces, and then questioned on their professions, nationalities and specific life events. In a second attempt a few weeks later, the subjects were shown the names of the same 30 were were questioned again on biographical knowledge. The result – ? Our ability, the name of someone we know at the sight of her face declines steadily to recall in normal aging. Semantic memory for people seems to be unaffected by age. For example, if a subject name name George W. Bush they still knew that he was a politician or president of the United States.

The study of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease g of the Alzheimer Society of Canada, the Centre de recherche de l’ Institut universitaire de? Riatrie de Montr? Al and the Fonds de la recherche en sant support? – About the study:.

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