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Ikeda said she thought the emphasis on obesity alone unjustly targeted people size is expensive.

But a cornerstone of LEANWorks program that obesity cost calculator to estimate for companies, how much their obese and overweight employees cost them each year, a debate among some experts has begun to public health and the magnitude of discrimination activist.. Ikeda said she thought the emphasis on obesity alone unjustly targeted people size is expensive.Joanne Ikeda, -ist emeritus at the University of California at Berkeley and a member of NAAFA, support the claim that not all overweight people are necessarily unhealthy.’Release for employers a choice of money on a health promotion over setting or not more of them, you do not believe that an employer will choose? Ikeda said.

Ikeda pointed to figures from the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey, which showed, while 68 % of obese adults unhealthy metabolic, 24 % of normal-weight adults are metabolically healthy.Universit? Tsmedizin in Berlin, in cooperation and the Max Delbr? Managed ck – Centre for Molecular Medicine, and colleagues from the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and of the Czech Republic in identification a genetic of magnesium deficiency. The study by Dr. Dominik M? Serial from the Department of Paediatric Nephrology, identify changes in a gene of the involved in the regulation of magnesium processes of in the kidney. This research in the current edition in the current issue of the journal ‘American Journal of Human Genetics ‘opens the way for a potential future medical treatment of genetically caused magnesium deficiency..

Commented his commented on his findings the following:. Our results us with with a range of new findings in the magnesium metabolism and weight at the end of, after further research and development, we are able for medical treatment medical treatment with such deficiencies. Sources: University of tsmedizin in Berlin, AlphaGalileo Foundation.. A magnesium deficiency, with symptoms of the fatigue and muscle weakness to severe convulsions and cardiac arrhythmias may be associated with diabetes and high blood pressure in conjunction and who explains till now above all by dietetic defects. Author Join and his team are have now shown research and development, may this deficiency. This deficiency. Changes in a gene , also changes of the human blueprint and therefore in the structure and function the protein sequence.