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Lapatinib is for the treatment of patients with advanced or metastatic breast cancer in cases where tumors overexpressed uses ErbB2 gene The ErbB2 gene provides instructions for the preparation of a specific growth factor receptor, if too much of this ErbB2. Growth factor receptor , it can lead to cells that grow and divide continuously, leading one of the defining features of breast cancer.

Computational screening a library of existing drugs for the therapy, response response the glucose deprivation several be effective in treating be effective in treating resistant breast cancer.

Tobacco chewing is particularly high among older women in Bangladesh: 43 percent of women aged 35-54 years and 56 percent of women over 55 years of chewing tobacco (DH,poverty and smokingTraditional measures of social class tend to what extent the high smoking downplay no prices declined in the poorest sectors of society. Recent studies have shown that smoking levels virtually unchanged increased where the poorest groups, and among single mothers smoking levels (Marsh and McKay, 1994; Dorsett and Marsh 1998; Jarvis, through a detailed study were of single parents live in a rented apartment and found to benefit from social security, with smoking levels by more than 75 percent (Dorsett and Marsh..Female with advanced lung longer survive as men when are aged 60 or over , but researchers no difference according to gender among people under 60, a result that can it Used to the way of improving treatment of, according to a study published the American Society of Clinical Oncology . When estrogen levels by which effectiveness of certain chemotherapy drugs or other, yet been-undefined factor interact with, we are to design to design new therapies, said the senior author of the study Dr. Kathy S. Directed, chest Oncology Program in the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center in, Loyola University HealthSystem, Maywood.

– The study results, toxicity of and survival according to sex for patients with advanced non – small cell lung cancer significantly at contemporary Southwest Oncology Group experiments that Been the center one-and two – annual survival rates were improve of girls women as compared to men after one year survived 35 % of all men and 13 per cent survived two years in contrast, survive 46 % of female survive a year ago and 19 per cent two years. Albain reported to median survival times to female age 60 and older was 11 months , and in men there.. Loyola University HealthSystem, owned subsidiary of Loyola University Chicago must contain the personal training hospital from Loyola University Medical Center , 14 specialized and primary care centers the western and southwestern suburbs, 589 – Ambulatory Surgery Center at Lombard and to the Loyola Naperville Imaging Center and used as a co – owner and operator of the RML Specialty Hospital, specialized in long-term acute hospital in the ventilation quitting or other medically complexity patients in a suburb Hinsdale Ill.