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Hospital patients die each year and more than 750.

7,000 U.S read news . Hospital patients die each year and more than 750,000 are injured because of avoidable medication mistakes Some 7,000 U.S. Hospital individuals die every year and a lot more than 750,000 are hurt due to medication mistakes. These errors possess many causes, and many potential solutions, according to a Rutgers-Camden nursing scholar who has studied the topic extensively. For an article published in Nursing Leadership Forum, Co-writer and Ashton Patricia Iyer examined the prevailing research on medication mistakes in hospitals, such as for example giving the incorrect medicine or incorrect dosage. They found that such errors occur due to a combination of flaws in the health care system and human mistake. Such causes of drug mistakes include: Poor communication, including written and verbal misunderstandings between doctors, pharmacists, nurses and additional hospital staff; Dilemma over the 17,000-plus medicines obtainable in North America, including drug titles that sound or look alike; Inadequate labeling, including misleading or very similar container labels; Human factors, such as sleep deprivation, distractions, lack of knowledge, or poor efficiency by hospital personnel.

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