Nov 30

HDL cholesterol is only a property of the HDL particles its like cargo on a ship.

‘HDL cholesterol is only a property of the HDL particles – it’s like cargo on a ship, at at HDL cholesterol, which is a type of cargo that is carried out on the ship, or you can on to see seeing ships. In our study, we found that the number of HDL particles had more heart – protective than HDL cholesterol, ‘says Samia Mora, a physician in the Cardiovascular and Preventive Medicine division at BWH and senior author of study.

The research team analyzed data from the Multi – Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis , an NIH-funded multi-ethnic study. The researchers focused on a subset of data from 5,500 middle-aged men and women aged over 45. They have the amount of HDL particles in addition to the amount of cholesterol by the particles , which was used in the past to measure HDL.

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