Feb 18

Hans-Olov Adami.

However, as in any longitudinal research, the downside of longer follow-up is definitely that individuals were included in the past, today and the interventions after that may differ from the types offered. Thus, the assessment of two periods of adenoma removal is definitely of value, because it might reveal that in the present day era of colonoscopic removal of adenomas, the risk of death from colorectal cancer is significantly smaller than in earlier intervals. The overarching goal of surveillance is the prevention of disease-specific death. Therefore, colorectal-cancer mortality was the primary end point in the present study. However, the absolute excess risk of death from any trigger among patients who have undergone the removal of high-risk adenomas considerably outreaches the excess risk of death from colorectal cancer .The Hot Line study, presented at ESC Congress 2015, and released in the New England Journal of Medicine simultaneously, provides practice-changing assistance for the treatment of chronic heart failing , said Martin Cowie, MD, co-principal investigator of the scholarly research, from Imperial University London, in London, UK. This research has changed our knowledge of sleep-disordered breathing in systolic heart failing – the written text books should be rewritten, he commented. Doctors now understand that treatment of central sleep-disordered inhaling and exhaling by mask therapy isn’t ideal for these patients and might be harmful.