Sep 03

Dr Sarah Thompson.

But our study has shown that in one third of cancer individuals with negative nodes, small malignancy cells will be there. These are only noticeable with special stains and at least three cuts of the node,’ Dr Thompson says. ‘A controversy in the medical world, as far as predicting tumor survival rates, is whether or not those tiny, single cancer cells mean anything. Some medical experts believe these cells are just in transit and passing through our blood stream. Others think if they are present in the lymph nodes these patients should be offered chemotherapy as a matter of course.’ Dr Thompson says the oesophageal cancer patients who have the most to gain are those who have had medical procedures without chemotherapy or radiation beforehand to shrink the tumour.By leveraging our multiplexed platform and advanced analytics, we hope to identify those sufferers who gain substantial reap the benefits of ficlatuzumab. We believe our preliminary work with AVEO is very encouraging. This contract accomplishes a key strategic objective of advancing our pipeline assets through external collaborations and funding, stated Tuan Ha-Ngoc, president and ceo of AVEO. The exploratory analysis shows that Biodesix' novel diagnostic test may help define patient populations that can reap the benefits of treatment with ficlatuzumab.