Aug 09

Details are published August 21 in the open access journal PLoS Pathogens.

The results? By researchers at the Rudolf Virchow Center and the Institute of Virology at the University of W broaden our understanding of the development of prion disease and suggest novel targets for therapeutic and diagnostic approaches in its early stages. Details are published August 21 in the open – access journal PLoS Pathogens.. Impaired transport in neurons triggers prion diseaseA new study shows that may nervous system integrity and axonal properties play an important role in prion diseases.

‘Impaired axonal transport in motor neurons correlates with clinical prion disease ‘Ermolayev V, Cathomen T, Friedrich M, Ha Ships W, PLoS Pathog 5 :. E1000558 doi: 10.1371/journal. Should could Negative services less unpleasant for consumersService quality beliefs are usually positive effect on customer satisfaction from – the higher the perceived service quality, the higher the customer’s satisfaction. However, an article in the August issue of the Journal of Service Research is publish this relationship may complicate ‘negative service environments ‘, such as health screening, diagnostic tests or even car to repair. – The authors of the paper investigates the relationship between stress and accuracy beliefs in the context of mammography, such a ‘negative ‘service.Uhl in lab and clinical research, clinical practice, drug Application to verification been working pharmacovigilance oversight and the health of women. This is also a practicing physician at the Walter Reed says Army Medical Center in Washington, DC wood Uhl ‘would a good option to the job,’adding frequent often to Uhl and that ‘you is a longtime advocate for Health of Women in the agency. ‘Uhl the takeover is to to the position in December (Washington Post.. Be with FDA on Tuesday expects Kathleen Uhl, are a veteran market official last supervisor supervisory authority medical officer in with FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research as the director mentioned the Office for women’s Health, the Washington Post reports (Kaufman, Washington Post, Uhl be replaced Susan Wood, who September to move by the agency in protest of its effect for an unlimited period a decision to Barr Laboratories ‘ application for nonprescription selling his Rescue oral contraceptive stepped plan as a biologists, had used as an assistant to FDA commissioner to women’s health served since 2000.

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