Mar 28

Could a Texting App Help Your Heart?

Tong of the University of California, Davis; Quan Teh-wei and Gan Hu of UC Berkeley; and Yuan Jiang, Yan Yang and Yi Nan of the National Tobacco Control Workplace of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing. JOURNAL: The study shows up in the July problem of the American Journal of Preventive Medication. FUNDING: Fogarty International Center of the U.S. National Institutes of Health.. Could a Texting App Help Your Heart?: – TUESDAY, Sept. 22, 2015 – – Regular text reminders can help people who have heart disease adhere to a wholesome lifestyle, Australian researchers survey. Patients who all received automated texts throughout their week saw improvements in their ‘poor’ LDL cholesterol levels, blood weight and pressure, the study found. The text messages helped many stop smoking, the researchers added.The analysis did not include those that lived in assisted living facilities. Among seniors who sought medical care or were hospitalized within two days to getting the flu, those treated with antiviral drugs within the first four days of illness spent fewer times in a healthcare facility than those that started treatment later, the findings showed. Patients who all received early antiviral treatment were also twenty five % to 60 % less inclined to require extended care after leaving the hospital, according to the study published Sept.