Jun 22

Common Gene Variant might Raise Miscarriage Risk.

Common Gene Variant might Raise Miscarriage Risk, Study Finds: – THURSDAY, Oct. 8, 2015 – – Scientists report that a common gene variant may be linked to both early pregnancy reduction and failed in vitro fertilization treatments. The variant in a woman’s genome, which causes errors in the cell replication process, is strongly connected with risk of aneuploidy – – an abnormal number of chromosomes in a cell, the researchers said. However they did not confirm that the variant causes pregnancy problems.14. Your therapist will help you in developing insight into the personal or career changes that may be needed in order to prevent a relapse of severe anxiety. 15. You may be encouraged to increase your awareness of how your upbringing may have got affected you psychologically. Remember that often a traumatic past may linger or lurk in your present even. 16. Your therapist will likely support and motivate you when you start to express relevant fear, rage and rejection associated with any abuse or neglect that you will find experienced. 17. In assisting you to control a traumatic past, your therapist may help you identify the role you played in your family,the feelings associated with it and its effect on the present.