Jan 22

But most of these people have no idea.

Francine Kaufman, past president of the American Diabetes Association.About 18 million Americans have full-fledged diabetes, a leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, amputations and heart disease that claims 180,000 U.S. Lives a year.the vast majority with it, but the vast majority have type 2 diabetes, a disease develops, often in middle age, when their bodies lose the ability to turn blood sugar into energy.. But most of these people have no idea, they are at risk, said Dr.

The number leaped because doctors were the criteria for the diagnosis of pre-diabetes, according to studies that they were missing have changed too many at-risk patients. – ‘These latest figures show how urgent the problem really is,’said Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson, who announced this new data on federal health meeting in Baltimore. The good news is that modest diet and exercise can delay, if not prevent, the onset of diabetes in many pre – diabetics.At groundbreaking discoveries which from the Centre for Applied Proteomics and Molecular is based medicine at George Mason University, be Ceres utilize Nanotrap – designed is a spherical, carbon – based nanoparticles, to collect, concentrate, isolated and maintenance been found the minimum and skimpiest molecules are in body fluids – a number of applications in the diagnostic and treatment of illnesses, as well as applications in the sports screening, homeland security and Environmental Rehabilitation Funds follow..