Jul 21

AYA cancer individuals require targeted care.

In addition to those diagnosed as an AYA, there is a growing community of AYAs who are survivors of pediatric cancer tumor. Study has demonstrated that cancers can be a chronic disease and that survivorship is normally frequently fraught with unintended effects of cancer treatment, including infertility, heart and lung damage, and metabolic problems. Survivorship problems, both of the pediatric cancers survivor and the AYA malignancy survivor, will be resolved in the new journal from Liebert..Solomon, M.D., Yan Sunlight, M.S., Michal Tendera, M.D., and Dirk J. Van Veldhuisen, M.D., Ph.D. For the RED-HF Committees and Investigators: Treatment of Anemia with Darbepoetin Alfa in Systolic Heart Failure Anemia is common in sufferers with heart failing, and patients with both heart failure and anemia have a lesser functional capacity, worse standard of living, and higher rates of hospitalization and death1-3 than those without anemia.4,5 The reason for anemia in patients with heart failure is often unknown but may be related to a complete or relative scarcity of, or resistance to, erythropoietin.6,7 Small studies have suggested that increasing the hemoglobin level by using an erythropoiesis-stimulating agent may improve useful capacity8-13 and reduce hospitalization in individuals with heart failure and anemia, however the evidence is not robust.14,15 Furthermore, ESAs have not improved cardiovascular outcomes in individuals with chronic kidney disease who acquired anemia, with or without diabetes, and treatment aimed at a higher hemoglobin target has increased the risk of atherothrombotic events.16-18 The aim of our study, the Reduction of Events by Darbepoetin Alfa in Heart Failure trial, was to determine whether treatment with darbepoetin alfa improves clinical outcomes in individuals with chronic systolic heart failure and anemia that’s not due to iron deficiency.