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Available in the U.

Bionovo,available in the U.S. Beverages still widely available in the U.S. Public elementary schoolDespite campaigns to reduce overweight and obesity in American schools, loaded the availability of sugar or full fat drinks in U.S. Public elementary schools is still far too high, researchers report in the peer reviewed journal Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. The study is called Wide Availability of High – Calorie Beverages in U.S. Elementary Schools . It only a tiny proportion only a tiny part of the schools to do something about limiting sales only healthy beverage choices, add the authors. The U.S. Has the second highest childhood obesity and the world highest rates of adult obesity / overweight.

‘This study gene elements, which are not used by SERMs by estrogens in hormone therapy identified activated. The identification of these elements, coupled with the understanding of the differential regulation in various tissues by each estrogen receptor , provides, provides a new platform for the discovery of safer estrogenic substances with SERM-like profiles to prevent and treat a variety of conditions associated with menopause. ‘.. Activated. Discoveries in Predictable Tissue Selectivity for Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator PlatformBionovo announced results describing predictable estrogen regulatory elements that can be used to estrogenic drugs that are safer to be identified. The data published in Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, that the new regulatory elements can distinguish the estrogenic pharmacological activity exerted by different compounds and allow accurate prediction of specific tissue effect.System black and white black and white screen and gives information on a flip -up LCD display measuring 7 in. Diagonal. Navigate to to navigate for thumbing using only the thumb, optimized similarly to personal digital assistant . That Acuson P10 lithium ion battery allow about an hour scan without recharging.

The device, as Acuson P10, is a hand-held device for complementary the first diagnostic supplies and reviewing, particular in the areas is provided cardiology, emergency medicine and obstetrics. It is ready to change the physical examination by immediate information to healthcare providers from the earliest possible patients points of, as intensive care, ambulances and medical helicopter. Which advantages of the system is its portability, ease of use and fast and consistent availability for doctor. The unit is much bigger than a Blackberry and weigh a little more than 700 gram..