Mar 13

Australia and privately held ChemGenex Therapeutics.

PatientsResearchers develop 3D bone marrow that produces functional individual platelets ex vivoFirst of most, a biopsy – that’s, an example of human cells – is examined for sterility. A gripper arm then transports the biopsy in to the automated device where the individual methods are performed: The machine cuts the biopsy into little pieces, isolates the various cell types, stimulates their growth, and mixes the skin cells with collagen. A three-dimensional reconstruction of the various skin layers is produced using a special gel matrix – and the skin is ready.Otherwise, the inaugural group begins a year later, following the springtime 2012 match and internships.. Affordable Medicines Facility improves access to anti-malarials By Helen Albert, Senior medwireNews Reporter The Affordable Medicines Facility-malaria has resulted in significant improvements in the availability and cost of quality-assured artemisinin-based combination therapies in seven African countries after 1 year, show study results published in The Lancet. ‘Africa houses 80 percent of malaria cases, yet most of the population do not have access to affordable ACTs,’ said study writer Kara Hanson in a press statement.