Dec 19

Angie Brouhard is a survivor.

Angie Brouhard is a survivor. One teacher, wife and mother of Springfield learned Angie had breast cancer in April 2009. After the operation Sheious drugs began to take their fitness to the background. She did not know how to feel even more. She was out of shape and needed some suggestions. If her husband saw the ‘Fit Nation ‘challenge advertised on CNN, he thought it would be just the ticket for them. He thought it would give her the push she needed to return to the streets and fight their disease. Angie agreed.

‘On her Facebook page the quote is She knows her beliefs have to press her will.

Today’s world is Angie 42nd In less than a month, they will cross the finish line in New York City, on their wedding day, to the cheers of an entire group of people who love her and never thought could could not complete the triathlon. Your biggest fan, it will ‘I know in their lives. ‘I know it is only going to be a really be an emotional time for them early in the race,’says Brad. ‘And then, when she sees and she cuts all her family and friends cheer them on, I know they will be overwhelmed by the ‘.. And she has her faith.Health officer in Thailand who also confirmed the death of a 6 – year-old boy out Kanchanaburi province. The boy, which infection with the H5N1 strain is announced on Friday died in Sunday overnight. He was Bangkok brought in with severe pneumonia and Acute Respiratory Syndrome in the hospital.

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